Davjen Farm, LLC is a 100% grass fed beef operation. Our breed of beef cattle is the Murray Grey, which originated in Australia. Known for their docile temperament, calving ease, tender, naturally marbled meat, the Murray Grey cattle are well suited to thrive on the healthy grass forages that abound in the hill country of Madison County, NY. Our cows are out on grass and rotated pastures for 7 months of the year from May - November. During the winter season, the cattle are fed home grown hay and have access to minerals, salt, and natural spring water emanating from the hills on the farm. All cattle are bred and raised on our farm from calving through full maturity at market weight. Calves stay with their mother until she naturally weans them as part of her yearly breeding cycle.

History: David has been actively farming since 1982. The original farm consisted of approximately 200 acres of hay, pasture, woods, and rented fields in Schodack, NY in South Eastern Rensselaer County. David farmed with his father Herbert selling hay and bred dairy heifers for a number of years. In 1986 David and Jeannette established Davjen Farm and continued working with Herb marketing hay, heifers, and pasture raised Holstein steers. By the late nineties, David got out of dairy replacement heifers and switched from Holstein steers to Murray Gray beef cattle. In 1998, Jeannette and David began a horse boarding operation which would eventually grow to 20 horses. Rotational grazing was established for both the horses and the beef cows. David and Jeannette experimented with combined horse/cattle grazing rotations as well as separate grazing paddocks for the horses and separate paddocks for the cows. For the safety of our boarding customers we eventually settled on keeping the cows and horses on separate pastures. 

In 2015, the horse boarding operation was discontinued when David and Jeannette sold their farm in Schodack, NY and moved to the present farm location on Wratten Road in Hubbardsville, NY. The current operation consists of 25-30 head of Murray Gray cattle utilizing 80 acres of pasture, hay fields, woods and rented land. 

David has a BA degree from Duke University 1982 and an MBA from SUNY Albany School of Business 1984.  He retired from the NYS Office of Information Technology in 2017 having served as the Director of Enterprise Architecture for NYS Department of Transportation and NYS Economic Development.  Previously he served as the Director of Information Technology for the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

In the future, David is planning to expand a small patch of vintage hops that was discovered in one of the cow pastures on the farm.

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