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You have several ways to purchase from us in selecting our meat. We sell by individual cuts or you may purchase in bulk by the half or quarter cow. The most economical pricing is achieved through one of the bulk pricing options. All of our meat is processed through a local USDA inspected meat processing facility.

We participate in the Hamilton, NY farmer's market on Saturdays from May-October and can arrange to bring pre-placed orders to Hamilton on Saturdays for pickup at 2018 vendor site number 83. Call or Text Dave ahead on Thursday or Friday with your order. 518-526-0716

Price List for individual cuts:

Ground Beef ...$6.75/lb. 
Ground Beef Patties ...$7.65/lb. 
Beef Brisket ...$9/lb. 
Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak ...$12.00/lb. 
Beef Sirloin Tip Roast ...$8.10/lb. 
Beef Top Round for London broil ...7.20/lb. 
Beef Eye Round ...$8.10/lb. 
Beef Tenderloin Filet & Filet Tails ...19/lb. 
Beef Sirloin Tip Steak ...$12.00/lb. 
Beef Rib Steaks ...$15.84/lb. 
Beef Chuck Steak ...$7.20/lb. 
Beef Soup Bones for Broth ...$2.00/lb. 
Beef NY Strip Steak ...$16/lb. 
Beef Rump Roast ...$9/lb.
Beef Liver ...$4/lb. 
Beef Heart ...$4/lb. 
Beef Tongue ...$4/lb.
Beef Oxtail ...$4/lb.

Large quantity discount in stock now:

Half cow ...(~200 lbs. @ $5.99/lb.) ...$1086.52
Quarter cow ...(~100lbs. @ $6.35/lb.) ...$576.48
Eigth cow ...(~50lbs. @ $6.72/lb.) ...$304.85

Pricing for bulk orders: 

For bulk purchasing we charge by the cow's hanging weight + the USDA facility's processing fees.

The hanging weight on a cow is the weight of the unprocessed cow carcass after it has been humanely slaughtered and had the unusable parts of the cow that cannot be consumed removed (such as the hide, head, hooves, and most of the internal organs). The hanging weight includes the meat and bones that make up the animal carcass.
*Note: the hanging weight is not the actual amount of meat you will receive back from your order. The amount of meat you receive back will vary depending on your cut selection and other factors such as how much fat is trimmed and not made part of the hamburger mix. As a result the pounds of meat received in an order will always be less than the hanging weight.

The USDA processing fees are what the processing facility charges us to butcher, cut or grind, vacuum pack and box the individual packages of meat that make up your order and to dispose of any of the inedible parts of the animal.

The following prices are approximate and your total cost will vary based on the weight of the animal, current USDA facility processing fees and our current pricing. Our cows average between 550lbs. and 600lbs. hanging weight per animal.

Half cow: $3.10 per pound hanging weight + USDA processing fees (Equates to approximately $5.36 per pound of meat)

Quarter cow: $3.35 per pound of hanging weight + USDA processing fees (Equates to approximately $5.67 per pound of meat)

You may specify your meat cut preferences on half cow orders. For quarter cow orders we will try to accommodate your preferences, but we reserve the right to make alterations to best meet both your preferences and that of another customer wishing to purchase the other quarter. We make every effort to evenly divide quarters to include both the front shoulder cuts and rear hind cuts.

For more information contact Dave Dietrich at
(518)526-0716 (phone calls or texts accepted) Please leave a message if I don't answer. I will return your phone call or answer your text. Or by email at

The hardworking farmer ought to be the first to receive his share of the crops. 2 Timothy 2:6

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