Whole cow, Half cow, or quarter cow orders have to be placed in advance as I have to call well ahead to schedule and reserve a slot with a USDA processing facility.   Depending on the time of year and where we take the animal it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to get on the processor's calendar.   Because of these scheduling bottlenecks I do have some pre-scheduled slots reserved during the year.  Freezer space is one of the limiting factors for both myself and the USDA facilities we use.

The processing facility will age the meat 10 days on average, take one day to process the order and then freeze the meat before pickup roughly 2 weeks after I deliver the cow to them. 

Our processors include NY Custom Processing, Double-L Ranch, and Kelly Meats.

You'll find our pricing under the Cuts and Options tab on our website.  If you would like to order a half or quarter cow call or text the phone number below or email me.   I can take orders for a whole cow if you are interested in more.    

In addition to individuals and families, we also welcome institutional buyers and restaurant sales.

I participate in the Hamilton, NY Farmer's  Market  every Saturday from May-October and can take your order there.  If you are interested in individual cuts call or text me on Thursday or Friday and I'll bring it with me to the farmer's market on Saturday for pickup.   I can provide local delivery for orders of $25 or more as my schedule permits with-in a 25 mile radius of the farm on Wratten Road.

For more information please contact Dave Dietrich

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